Why I do what I do


I am passionate about making meaningful progress. I help organisations take on the biggest challenges they face by harnessing the power of their people. I help "do together better". 

With over 17 years working in the corporate, community and sport environment, I am continuously drawn to working out what makes people work better together. When I am at the bookstore, you’ll see me browsing the non-fiction section, checking out what makes people tick.  Because I can't stop learning about how to help teams. 

I have seen the power of a conversation. And the power of silence. I am all about getting people to open up, connect and find a way together to solve some of the biggest problems. 

My Experience


A behavioural consultant, a leadership coach or your biggest supporter.

Whatever you want to call me, you will struggle to find someone who is as passionate to help organisations make meaningful progress through the power of their people.

Few can match my depth and breadth of experience across industries and departments. I have lead teams of 1 person to 38 people in Canada and Australia (with a little stint in Cameroon and Tunisia too!). 

I have worked in various departments and environments, including: 

  • marketing, sales, strategy, proposition development, risk and joint venture management
  • professional and amateur sporting industry with commercial teams and high performance teams
  • community grassroots volunteer led group 

What I have done

There has been one common thread across all of my experiences - the ability to energise and inspire to make meaningful progress. Not everything I touched turned to gold but I've tried many things and learned many lessons along the way. 

My experiences include:

  • Creating new ways of working programs to drive eNPS and engagement scores;
  • Maximising the return on multi-million joint venture, sponsorship and supplier relationships in insurance, events, professional sport sponsorship and third party suppliers by creating alignment, shared objectives and win win situations;
  • Driving GM and C-suite executive endorsement on multimillion dollar initiatives;
  • Facilitating change management programs for 5- 2400 employees;
  • Coaching in >900 hours of 1:1 coaching as an Accredited IECL Level III Executive Coach
  • Delivering personal performance improvement programs to over 500 professionals;
  • Coaching elite sport, including teams that participated in the Canada Summer Games and multiple Canada Cups; 
  • Leading teams involved with components of major brand launch and repositioning programs;
  • Developing and executing of market entry strategies across various states;
  • Creating new community grassroots brands
  • Establishing a start up community coaching venture including the invention of Ajarty Coaching Cards. Unfortunately this one didn't make it past 18 months!

Organisations I have worked with over my career

MYOB, CBHS, Bupa, National Rugby League, RACV, Nielsen Media, Western Bulldogs Football Club, West Coast Fever, RSL Lifecare, CGU, IAG, Cricket Australia, South Australian Tourism Commission, Hawthorn Football Club, Brisbane Lions, Bicycle Network, Sanitarium, Melbourne Aces, Baseball Canada, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada, Major League Baseball International, Imperial Oil, Baseball Saskatchewan, Baseball Victoria, TLA and Porter Novelli and State Volleyball New South Wales. 

Let's get personal


My kids are named after baseball royalty. Jack (Jackie Robinson), Ryan (our little girl is named after the all-time strikeout king Nolan Ryan) and Oliver Mays (Willie Mays). My wife is known as Noodle. No baseball connection there.

I was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I once lived in Regina, Saskatchewan. I now live in Melbourne, Australia. And no, the Sasquatch is not from Saskatchewan.

I believe hate is a strong word. It’s banned in our house.

Best piece of advice: “A baseball’s job is to make you look silly. Rather than wait for the ball, stop it from making you look silly and go get it.” I think these words apply to life. And at the pub waiting for a drink.


I've been known to enjoy the odd dress up party.

I love a good tshirt. I think your image can tell a good story. 

Favourite drink - the Caesar. A Canadian specialty.

Music - I love it all.  John Farnham's the Voice has grown on me. The Tragically Hip, Metallica, Neil Young and Taylor Swift. You name it, I like it. Except Miley Cyrus.  Check out my playlist on spotify. 

I love a good card game. Presidents, cribbage and chit chat are 3 of my favourites.

Family is where values are established.

Mom and dad used to make my two brothers and I get up early to pick weeds. And it was always the morning after a big night. Smart people my mom and dad.

I believe in the power of writing things down. I’ll tell you a cool story about it one day if you want. 

Favourite youtube clip - Jimmy Fallon and Metallica. Check it out as well of some of my other favourite clips. Some funny ones, some inspirational ones and a few good tunes. 

Despite working closely with Cricket Australia, I still don’t get the five day format of the game.  

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