What I do


Leadership speaker, motivational speaker, corporate speaker

I provide keynote talks for organisations to spark new ways of thinking. Topics I cover include Performance Energy in the Workplace and Teams that Swear by Each Other. 

Help solve problems and inspire

Faciltator, facilitate, workshop facilitator, team building

I help leaders plan, guide and manage a group session to ensure your objectives are effectively met, with clear thinking, energy and full buy-in from everyone involved. 

Mentor and Coach

executive coach, coach, leadership coach

I provide leaders with a safe, political-free environment to validate their decision making and create focus. 

What others are saying

Adrian's talk was super relevant and refreshingly engaging. His team-building exercises woke attendees up and gave the rest of the conference an enthusiasm boost that was felt throughout the whole event. His session was definitely a highlight.

Max Webber, Editor and Conference Lead, Sponsorship News

Adrian is great leader and man who can build and develop your team in the best way. Adrian can help your team to work more efficient, to solve problems, and to use practical tools in achieving goals quicker. He can inspire people in modifying their personal and professional habits towards positive way.

Mladen Stankovic, Coaching and Development, Volleyball New South Wales

By working with Adrian, the team has opened up and as a result, a number of different idea and perceptions are being used. This will definitely raise interesting conversations and challenges amongst the team. 

Lorna Stewart, Chief Risk Officer, Bupa Australia New Zealand

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