Insights into how well your team does teamwork in the workplace.

AB Team Dynamics Assessment

How well do you do "together"?

To begin the process of improving the quality of team discussions, efficiency of making decisions and engagement levels of your team, book your AB Team Dynamics Assessment now. 

The assessment is based on some of the latest research from across the world in high performance. It is used to help leaders and organisations to assess the strength of relationships (including psychological safety) and levels of clarity across teams - all  acknowledged as the foundations of high performing teams. 

The assessment insights detail:

  • positive and negative aspects of team culture; and
  • an overview of your team's perception of themselves and their perception of the team in regards to team behaviours. 

The assessment and facilitated discussion unlock actionable insights to improve how your team works together.   

"The AB Team Dynamics Assessment helped my team share more of what they were feeling - but not sharing. The discussion generated from Adrian's style made our team feel comfortable in opening up and creating a sense of ownership for what we could do as a team - in Adrian's words - to "be better together".  Thank you so much!"

Head of Engagement Marketing, Health and Care Industry

To see an overview of what the AB Team Dynamics Assessment looks like, click here.

How does it work?

There are three easy steps to get your assessment launched:

1. I provide you with context necessary to engage your team in completing the assessment. 

2. Once the assessment is completed by all team members, I'll send you a copy of the results. We will review the results together over the phone and identify the best way to share with the team. 

3. I will join you and your team to facilitate a discussion regarding the results. 

Money back guarantee

Following the team session, if your team does not have tangible steps they can take to drive meaningful progress, I will refund your money back, no questions asked. 

Investment: $2,495+GST

"Going through the Team Dynamics Assessment helped me as leader realise that I needed to sort out issues quickly. I had been putting off a couple of conversations, but with Adrian's support, I finally developed the confidence and approach to make it happen. Adrian's style and commitment to making me do what I said I would do helped keep me motivated."

 Managing Director, PR Agency

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