Organisational Development Programs

Creating teams who swear by each other and not about each other


New team or time for a fresh start ? 

Start Right programs are ideal for new leaders of teams who need to:

  • accelerate the pace at which they need to move from forming to performing; or
  • change the mindset of previous ways of working. 

The program is also ideal for leaders with their existing teams to:

  • strengthen relationships;
  • improve clarity and alignment to new priorities within the organisation; 
  • re-energise the team in preparation of a big quarter, year or project. 

Start Right programs are available in 1, 2 or 3 day offerings. Each program is customised to your needs by following a four stage process to set you up for success. 

"Adrian's enthusiasm was addictive, and I think turned around even the hardest minds! The preparation and thoroughness was exceptional, the day itself a lot of fun, and, importantly the outcomes and follow through clear and measurable." 

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Performance Energy


Does the purpose of your organisation often cause your people to over rely on the passion they have to overcome physical, emotional and mental exhaustion?


 The program will:

  • Help employees manage energy levels in peaks and troughs throughout the year 
  • Reduce absenteeism, burnout and empower leaders to work out when employees need support 
  • Support the overall wellbeing of your people with effective, simple to implement meaningful actions 

Performance Energy is for progressive organisations who believe their people are the heartbeat of their organisation. Traditional, directive management styles will be challenged by this program and it may not be suitable for all organisations. 

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Coach Program


According to an ePulse global survey of senior leaders, 81 % of them are not operating at their ideal energy levels. And Harvard Business Review recently reported 50% of CEO's experience loneliness that affects their performance. 

Leading is not easy. But you are not alone. 

That's where I come in. I will become your biggest supporter and a sounding board who will help validate your decision making, increase levels of focus and increase your confidence. 

Where you’ll get you best ROI is when I start to challenge your thinking which is a personal strength of mine.

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